Where is today’s

John Kennedy?

I watched in utter dismay and sadness at what Trump knows was a tremendous boost to his re-election, given to him by the dimwitted disconnected members (candidates) of the Democratic party running for president. What planet are these politicians living on?

If they haven’t realized by now, what we are concerned with they just don’t give a rats rear end about, working Americans, and only wish to usher in socialism so they can break our spirit, destroy our constitution and country and yes (fill theirs and their friends’ pockets with our money).

They wish to totally control all aspects of our lives with Big Wasteful government entitlements, i.e. spending, on social programs, climate nonsense and any other means to crush our personal prosperity and terminate our civil liberties.

Where is the 21st century John Kennedy to save our party? Where? He’s definitely not in the two dozen buffoons now in the hunt!

Richard Rashid


Stop, look


Stop whatever you are doing. Find a quiet and peaceful place and then think about your life — past, present and future. 

Look about you and see where you are and about your present circumstances.

Listen to your “inner self” — what you have planned and what you have really accomplished to date. Not too happy? Disappointed? Why?

President Trump is on a rampage. He wants to change the belief that he is corrupt and he wants to stop any action to impeach him.

He is undermining various members of his own staff and the people of the United States of America when he says he will accept unfavorable statements from foreign governments about his political rivals.

Our allies do not agree on U.S. action to send our military to the area near Iran.

The U.S. is reducing our military forces in the Middle East. Russia, Iran and Syria now control that area.

The U.S. is sending additional military troops to Poland.

Discrimination is on the rise. The “younger generation” is not very active in various political situations.

Our Congress is completely “divided” — now into four parts, two Republican and two Democrat. Parents are spending less time with their children

. Large numbers of killings and injuries are being carried out by only one or two individuals who are on drugs and are completely fed up with their life and they blame it all on “others.”

And on and on and on.

What can be done to change these situations? We — yes “we” — must change and become more active in our choices in the people we elect to represent us in local, state and federal offices and in our relationships with people of other colors, nationalities and religions.

We have also become isolated from our government; from our communities; from our neighbors and from our own children. Wake up, time is running out! Change, change, change before it is too late! You can do it by voting in November 2020!

Saad Assad


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