Feeding squirrel 

meth despicable

Having family in the Ashtabula area, I read the article online in the Star Beacon: “Alabama man fed ‘attack squirrel’ meth” posted June 19. In my view this is a despicable case of animal cruelty.

As the article noted, by law, it is illegal to keep a pet squirrel; but it’s repulsive to feed any animal meth to ensure that the animal stayed aggressive.

I believe animals have rights and doing such a dastardly act really boils my blood and I think such a twisted, demented human ought to suffer harsh legal penalties. There really is no penalty that “fits” that crime. I just hope the offender, if found guilty will receive the maximum punishment with no hope of parole or sentence-reduction.

Such a crime is beyond words. Humans often think of animals as second-class, but to torture any animal necessitates the same attention as if the torture were inflicted to a human being. There comes a time when mentally distorted people must be dealt with, and maybe harsher penalties would deter those people with too much time on their hands. If we don’t respect life of all of God’s creatures, we will be on a slippery-slope to disregarding human-life too.

My motto is: Respect human and animal life. Kindness begets kindness begets kindness. The culture of hate must end — even toward animals. Animals have rights, too.

James A. Marples

Longview, Texas

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