A touching 


This is not about me, although you should know that I am 84 years old, legally blind and am retired from the U.S. Air Force some 40 years now.

And you should know that my life is still good because of the people I meet as I wander Ashtabula County walking with my white cane or pedaling my old style bicycle.

I was at the Harbor Yak this morning at 5 a.m. to go out with a group of kayakers to greet the morning sun. A fun time was had by all, and when we came in from the lake I pedaled off to Deb’s Diner on State Road for some tasty biscuits and gravy.

When I went to pay my check, the waitress informed me that a man had come in and paid for my breakfast and left again? What? Is he a friend playing with me or, more likely, someone who knows my story and is thanking me for my past service? That happens from time to time.

Was it one of those kayakers who heard me say I was coming there and followed me? They were a nice group. If it was the latter, he should know I appreciated the gesture and my 26 years of service was a pleasure I would have gladly done all over again. I think most of us who serve feel that way on any given morning.

And so I thank the person who made a bright morning even brighter for me. Stay safe out there.

Thomas Pickett

Ashtabula Township

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