On behalf of the Lift Bridge Community Association, I write to thank Richard Morrison, CEO of Ashtabula-based MFG, for his continuing support of the LBCA and Historic Ashtabula Harbor.


Richard and MFG were the first major sponsor of Wine and Walleye in 2017 and have continued their generous support since then. The LBCA is just one of hundreds of worthy Ashtabula causes to receive Richard’s encouragement and support. To list all of the organizations that have benefitted from Richard and MFG’s support would require several pages.


When our Wine and Walleye Festival was cancelled this year, Richard’s grant of $5,000 remained with his instructions to use the money “where it will do the most good.”


And so we salute and thank Richard Morrison for his long and effective leadership of one of Ashtabula’s most important and successful businesses and for his continuing generous support of our community.


Our sincere thanks, 


Toni Carlisle

Lift Bridge Community Association Board Member



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