In 2018, Ohioans overwhelmingly came together to pass a reform measure that overhauled the congressional redistricting process. Because of the successful reform effort, our state constitution now requires transparency in map drawing and ample opportunities for public input on the map that will shape our political future for the next decade.


Through our reform, Ohioans voted for a fair redistricting process and a fair map. A fair map would reflect our partisan balance with seven Democratic seats and eight Republican seats, would provide communities of color real pathways to political representation, and would keep Ohio’s communities together as much as possible.


Unfortunately, newly proposed congressional maps from Ohio House and Senate Republicans fail on all three counts. The proposed maps are even more gerrymandered than our current one and would draw Ohio Republicans into 87% of the congressional seats despite them only winning 54% of the vote in the last decade. They also unnecessarily carve apart our communities and would dilute the voting power of communities of color.


I urge all members of the House Government Oversight Committee and of the Senate Local Government and Elections Committee to vote no on the proposed gerrymandered maps. If Republicans are serious about delivering for Ohio and living up to the promise of our reform, they need to come back to the table with a more fair and representative map — the currently proposed ones are absolute nonstarters. 


Julie Boetger




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