President Donald Trump continues his daily barrage of lies and rhetoric hoping more Americans will listen and believe him. He wasn’t elected because Americans thought he would be a good president. He was elected because he got Americans to mistrust and hate Hillary Clinton more. He needs Americans to believe his conspiracies and abandon the truth of reason. When is he really telling the truth? 

What has he really done during the COVID-19 pandemic? He did wish the virus would just disappear. Many wished he would just disappear. He misrepresents the facts and blames other to deflect from his failure in leadership. His face mask policy is similar to “Why wear seat belts? They wrinkle my clothes.”

He started a verbal fight with North Korea that increased global tension and then shook hands with the tyrant and said he deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. Now he is using federal employees to escalate protest violence and wants Americans to believe he is going to save us from the protesters. His actions are like poking a hornet’s nest and when the hornets strike, blaming the hornets, not his poking that stirred them up. 

Our own governor threw his health director to the wolves. He backed off on his reopening policy to please the Republican Party, the party that gerrymandered our voting districts and used bribery in the nuclear bailout bill. Where is his loyalty? Flapping in the political breeze.

Please support our doctors, nurses and their support teams, wear your mask for them.

Stephen Roane



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