I’m tired of watching TV and am not ready to start my evening exercises. For some reason, Jimmy Carter the peanut farmer ran through my mind and I pulled up his bio to give it a read.

The more I read, the more it was like reading the bio of the man now taking his naps in the White House! Under his administration the economy stagnated and he stifled military leaders who counseled that we should be strong and be a bit feared. He spent five years in the navy on a submarine  as an engineer and resigned his commission to go back to peanut farming when his father died. He defeated the bumbling President Ford who had kept bumping his head and tripping when he got on and off Air Force 1. Not much of a challenge there, I guess?

He did things like closing Guantanamo Bay and forgiving those who trespassed against us, no matter what they did. He outlawed waterboarding terrorists who planted indiscriminate bombs and who cut off the heads of those who disagreed with their beliefs. Like the one who says women have no more say than a stray dog about being stoned.

I could go on, but you can look him up yourself. I respect my presidents and the office, but they are human beings, after all. After being a one-term leader, he was defeated by Ronnie Reagan, who makes for much more interesting reading as he put us back in control of our destiny and brought down the Berlin wall.

History repeats and we are again led by the weak and the indecisive, I fear. At age 86, I have no oar in the troubled waters, but I wish for you with a longer future than mine, another Reagan to step up to the plate. No! I don’t want The Donald back. I want a leader with fewer words, more action and a steely look in his eye. They are really hard to find. That’s all I have to say about it all.

Thomas Pickett

Ashtabula Township


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