Why is local GOP

bent on spending?

I have been under the impression that the Republican Party claims to be opposed to wasteful spending and higher taxes. Our Republican Ashtabula County Commissioners seem to believe otherwise.

The commissioners recently purchased the former Key Bank building in Jefferson for $425,000, and are spending more remodeling it for county government office space.

Now the commissioners want to purchase additional land in Jefferson approximately 1 1/2 miles from the current jail, to build their new jail.  A jail planned to be more than twice the size of our current county jail.  They also want to pay the landowner $10,000 an acre, even though there are no parcels within a five-mile radius of that location with comparable values.

Furthermore, they want to purchase 35 acres, even though the footprint of their proposed jail is 10 acres.  Why the additional $250,000 for this land?  So that they have room for future expansion?  “Future expansion” means lots and lots of “future spending”.

How do the commissioners propose to pay for all their spending?  Increased taxes! They want the citizens of Ashtabula County to bankroll their spending with an approximate $50 million dollar price tag to complete this project with a 20 year tax increase.  

I will be voting NO on issue 1!

 Marian Barbato


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