The people who judge, criticize and finger point and call each other names are so wrong to do so! It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat, Republican, black, white, gay straight or transgender. We are ALL Children of God and need to stop what the devil wants us to do and that is turn against each other.

Yes, our country needs help, but didn’t you think we need LOVE more? We need to work together, Republicans and Democrats! OK, so there are people who believe Donald Trump is to blame for a lot that has happened, but hey, is Joe Biden so perfect? Like the Bible says “Let he cast the first stone who has never sinned.”

Just think how awesome our country would be if we showed forgiveness and love to each other. People, you are all losing your focus on God and are showing hate to your brothers and sisters in Christ. The race thing needs to stop. We ALL will be judged in the end, but not by each other. God is the only one who we should be concerned about judging us. We ALL are finger pointers to some degree. The hate has to stop. So quit blaming a Republican, Democrat, or black person or white person. People teach your children love and kindness and forgiveness. not to throw rocks, shoot guns and to hate. Love is much better.

Why is God not even allowed to be spoken about in schools? Aren’t we all praying to the same God? No matter what your belief, we all want to be loved in heaven when we die. So stop judging, finger pointing and criticizing each other. The devil is watching and loving it every time we have fighting among us.

No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, but we need to learn from them, not judge. So let’s help each other and show love fo,r crying out loud. SHOW MORE LOVE! Praise God and forgiveness.

Janet Covell


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