The Greek word for our English word “truth” is used more than several times in the Bible. One of my Greek lexicons (Vine) has among some of the variants used the meaning, “the word has an absolute force in John 14:6; 17:17; 18:37, 38... truth in all its fulness and scope, as embodied in Him (Christ).” Statements like this are considered to be proposition which then brings up the question of whether the statement is true or not. The second verse from above refers to John 17:17 which in part B of this verse has Jesus praying that “thy word is true.” In other words Jesus said the Father’s word is true.

Thus, in the verses above, Jesus’ statement in John 17:17 interprets John 14:6 and 18:37, 38 which makes us true believers that Jesus was/is the essence of truth in the fields of religion. Therefore, if Jesus did not say X, let’s say John 14:7 and someone else said something else about who we should follow in life, they would be wrong, right? Does Jesus say in John 14:6 that sometimes He is the Way, or the Truth, or the Life? Was Christ saying then that He is the ONLY way? Or the ONLY truth? Or the ONLY life? If he plainly spoke that absolutely He was/is the way, truth and life, then why do not more persons follow Him according to His “true word”?

We need to see the last part of John 14:6 which has the same amount of divine authority as the part A; “no man comes unto the Father, but by me.” Are there different ways we can please God aside from JEsus (who said He was THE way)? Are there “truths” in  religion that exclude Christ but still regard the Father properly? Jesus said “No man” can come to the Father except through him. Is that true? JEsus said “NO man.” Is the statement He said in John 14:6 found then in John 17:17? If not, why not? JEsus once again said in John 15:5b “for without me ye can do nothing.” Can we do anything religiously right without Christ and His Word? Not according to the true Word of God. Is knowing the Bible important? You better believe it!

Charles Geiser,


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