Shhh! Listen. Did you hear that? Be still; listen carefully. Is that God crying? You say God is the Almighty, He doesn’t cry. Are you sure?

Theologians might argue that God is in a constant state of perfect blessedness; therefore cannot cry. He is blessed forever. He is also LOVE. Dear friends, do you know the price of love? Of course you do. You have grieved for dear ones who have hurt in some way or are departed in death. You grieved because of love. The more people you include in your widening circle of love, the greater the risk you run of feeling the pain of heartache. It is the price of love.

Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” There’s no such thing as losing when you truly love, because love ALWAYS accomplishes something. Heartache is ONLY the price of love because we live in a world where the plague of sin has brought curse and death. God was forced to destroy the world by flood in Noah’s day because the wickedness was great in the earth. Mankind’s evil toward one another rendered it no place where the blessing of family could exist; where a man couldn’t make an honest day’s living unmolested; where dear little children couldn’t be children. God recorded these words in Genesis 6:6(b), “… and it GRIEVED him at His heart …”

It has been said that “rain is the tears of God.” Perhaps that thought properly hails back to when the first rain fell in Noah’s day. After that great flood was over God gave the beautiful covenant sign of the rainbow. A line from an old hymn says, “ ... I trace the rainbow through the rain, and feel the promise is not vain that morn shall tearless be.” The sunlight passes through water droplets like prisms and brings about the spectrum of color of the rainbow. What the water of the Word does for the Glory of the Lord: Red, the Sacrificial Lamb; Orange, the Gold of Deity; Yellow, the Light of the World; Green, the Lord of Life; Blue and Indigo, the Heaven Sent One; and Violet (Purple), the Majestic One.

Many are hurting today. Many are frightened today. Many are discouraged. Judgment is certainly coming on this world, but know this, God loves you and wants you to enjoy His one greatest treasure (Matthew 6:21). His own Beloved Son. There is a new endless morning coming where the sun never sets and tears shall be no more.

Ohio, Ashtabula, continuing to pray for you. One of my favorite hymns asks, “Who can cheer the heart like Jesus?!”

Michael Hennigan




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