Let me get this straight:


President Donald Trump — the man who has increased my IRA in my retirement years, the citizen who favors more veteran benefits, the leader whose policies have has increased employment — told third-rate nation Ukraine that if they want our free millions in military aid, how about investigating any 2016 election tampering on their part, and just what Joe Biden’s son was doing in that country for so many years.


Call it, as do the leftist New York Times and Washington Post, quid pro quo. Who Cares? So what! Since my wife and I are actively looking for a vacation house, does this mean we’ll be impeached for Give-and-Take (or quid pro quo) in our negotiations if we ask the realtor to investigate whether a meth lab has been operating next door or if our prospective neighbor is a sex offender?


This is not, as NBC news claims, “Blockbuster” stuff that will boot Donald Trump out of the White House. It’s shame stuff. A shame that representatives from the Democratic Party refuse to work with Republicans on fixing our immigration problem, or in investigating sanctuary cities that might shelter real lawbreakers. Instead they still can’t accept that Donald Trump is our president, and waste our tax dollars tilting at windmills.


Jack Calaway



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