Do parents no longer teach their children to respect the law, and law enforcement officers? What has happened to courtesy, respect, and common sense in this nation?


I refer to televised video-recorded arrests — not only since the pandemic hit, but over a stretch of prior years. Sorry George Floyd and Jacob  Blake, but there was a way to avoid your unnecessary and unfortunate deaths. Don’t run, protest or otherwise act suspicious when stopped by police!


My parents taught me by example not to provoke law officers. Those people risk their lives every day. They never know when their call to quell a act of domestic violence, or arrest a drunk driver, will result in a threat to their own lives, and the loss of that provider to their family. Unlike George Floyd and Jacob Blake, our law enforcers risk death very day.


Unlike the squirming, running, yelling and somewhat violent arrestees I’ve seen on TV, I’ve been stopped by police for traffic violations many times without losing my life. As Mom and Dad taught me, I sat in my car until the officer had time to check my plate. As he or she approached, I —  having turned off the ignition – put hands on steering wheel and turned on inside light. I didn’t bolt from my vehicle, an act that might justifiably respond in a gunshot from police. I calmly answered questions. And even though one of my traffic violations was serious, I adhered to following our legal system and resolved it.


Something that aggravates me even more:  I see where LeBron James and fellow basketballers walked off before an NBA playoff game to protest the Kenosha (Jacob Blake) shooting.  Where were their heads? One thing I like about the pandemic is that it requires us to think seriously about how best to allocate our dollars and time. Will we still adhere to paying “professional” atheletes millions to play schoolyard games,  and advise us unthinkingly, or will we wisely opt to instead support high school and college sports?


Jack Calaway


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