This letter is in response to the recent writer who stated, “We’ve only had nine cases of the Chinese flu ...” The virus is not called “Chinese flu.”

It is called SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus 2). The disease it causes is called Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We are aware that our president has called COVID-19 the “Chinese flu” during several briefings, blaming China for its existence. 

Are you, the writer, aware that, because of Trump’s mis-labeling of this virus and accompanying accusations to China, many Asian-AMERICANS across the U.S. have been assaulted both verbally and/or physically? Andrew Yang, one of the democratic candidates for the presidency, has reported being harassed because he “looks Chinese.” Three people in a grocery store in Texas were shot by a man who thought they were Chinese and would “give him the virus.“  

Calling COVID-19 the “Chinese virus” is one of many examples of deflection of blame due to the lack of leadership skills of this president. For him, it is always the fault of someone else. 

We should all be holding ourselves to much higher standards than those displayed by Donald Trump.  

 Henry and Cynthia Brooks


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