The “help wanted” signs around Ashtabula County translate into “opportunity” from our perspective at the Ashtabula County Technical & Career Campus (A-Tech). It’s an opportunity for the high school students in our 19 Career Technical programs to start gaining experience or begin a career. It’s also an opportunity for adult learners in the region to add skills and increase their earning potential.

As one of 51 Ohio Technical Centers (OTCs) around the state, A-Tech provides career technical education and specialized training for adult students. Research shows that on average, the earning potential for adult learners who earn a career technical certificate jumps 223.6 percent after just five years!

The research, from the Ohio Association of Career Technical Superintendents (OACTS) and the Alpaugh Family Economics Center, also shows a potential annual earnings gain of $12,323 compared to high school graduates. After 10 years, the average annual earnings are projected to increase to $50,742, or approximately $14,032 more than the high school baseline. The average annual earnings for certificate holders increase to $61,309 after 20 years, which represents a potential annual earnings gain of $18,221 compared to high school graduates. The average return on investment of a career technical certificate jumps to 757.0 percent after 10 years, and 2,071.4 percent after 20 years.

Whether it’s our Nursing programs, Firefighter/EMT, HVAC, Welding, Industrial Maintenance, Electricity or other programs, the investment in yourself pays huge dividends. If tuition is a challenge, there are many funding sources available. Financial aid and grants are available for those who qualify. 

Transform those “Help Wanted” signs into your opportunity with increased earnings and a rewarding career.  

We invite you to visit our campus, explore our adult programs on our website, or call 440-576-5505. 


R. Scott Wludyga

A-Tech Superintendent

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