Years ago, when we learned how unfamiliar diseases worked through populations newly exposed, some elements of disease prevention were considered givens.

Fresh air was one of these. References were made to the Spanish Flu, where people sickened by the illness had a far better recovery rate if treated in rooms — or even tents — where fresh air was constantly introduced and was kept circulating freely.

We learned that sunlight was detrimental to both virus and bacteria survival when airborne or on various surfaces. We learned that being outside ourselves in fresh air, would ease the physical effect of any contracted illness. It would also limit the virulence of the disease. It would leave us less likely to contract the illness.

We learned that physical activity, good nutrition, and rest when needed bolstered our immune systems and lessened the impact of any illness we might contract.

We learned that it was necessary to protect the more vulnerable members of society. Those with compromised immune systems, or with underlying health concerns such as diabetes or heart disease; sometimes including older individuals or even the very young, could benefit from avoiding contact with individuals who might be infected. 

We, the healthy members of society, those of us in our physical prime, were not to be too concerned about being infected with most illnesses that came into our population. Healthy immune systems could usually throw off any bug that came by. Healthy individuals were the ones population counted on to develop immunities created by exposure to the invasive parasite, thus closing down continued infection by that illness. 

We discovered that a new illness progressed through a population in a way that would graph as a bell curve. It would spread slow through time, gradually increasing the incidence of infection until the illness was widespread enough to cause an exponential increase in levels of infection, that the rate of infection would then peak and begin an equally precipitous decline in rate of infection in the afflicted population. 

In South Dakota, that rate peaked and declined with 13.3% of the state’s population having contracted the illness. Only 1.67% of those infected died from covid 19. South Dakota’s exponential rise and fall in infections took from about 14 October 2020 ± 7 December 2020. South Dakota had no forced business closures. South Dakota had no mask mandates. South Dakota’s economy is still healthy. 

Ohio, on the other hand, was forced by Governor Mike DeWine into a panic-driven shutdown of schools. Our primary election was shut down the night before the polls were to pen. All businesses the tyrant DeWine labeled nonessential were forcibly shut down. People were told to hide in their homes. We were told not to go outside. We were ordered to stay way from one another. We were ordered to wear  masks outside or around other people. Some businesses even refuse entry to those members of the population who physically could not wear masks, even though the tryrant governor’s mandate excused the breathing impaired from the compulsion to obey.

Ohio experienced the SAME bell curve as did South Dakota; just later in the year and about 5 weeks longer. Ohio’s rate of infection peaked and declined with 8.48% of the sate’s population recorded as having contracted the disease. 1.79% of Ohioans infected died. Ohio’s rate of infection rose nad fell exponentially from about 1 November 2020-30 January 2021. What, exactly, did we GAIN from the economic destruction of our state? Why are we still forced to wear masks? Why are we STILL ordered to keep apart from one another? We gained NOTHING from the tyranny we were forced to endure! Our tyrant governor and his ‘experts’ did NOT control this disease with his orders against our individual liberties; against our right to assemble; and AGAINST THE SCIENCE WE KNOW!! End this tyranny now!

Douglas L. Parr


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