After 35 years of studying and researching evolution, I can honestly state that I can find NO evidence to support the theory of evolution.

There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings I would like to clear up.

One big misunderstanding is that “Chimpanzee and Human DNA are 99% the same.” Many do not understand how they arrived at the 99%. The researchers only used a very small segment of the DNA strand and left out anything that they could not classify properly, dropping many thousands of “letters of code” for both the human and ape samples. Then they only compared what remained and declared 99% similarity on the little that was left.

Another misunderstanding is that “Humans retain 25% of DNA from trees.” Not really sure how that helps the case in favor of evolution. Humans and trees are not similar genetically and must produce different proteins.

It has been stated that “Chimps are Humans closes relative.” This is not really the case. 

When we need a heart replacement, we don’t look to apes for one. Instead, we get hearts from pigs. When we do experiments on skin, we never use ape skin. Instead we use pig skin. Human and killer whale fetuses look exactly the same early on. Orca fetuses even have 5 fingers before they turn into fins. Killer whale brains are the same size as ours, maybe even a little larger. Apes are not. In my opinion, this all proves that there is no direct singular relationship that humans share with any one species. Instead, we share a relationship with all life to one degree or another, especially with other mammals.

Many do not understand this but there are actually limits to the number of times a species can change. All life forms are protected by Natural Selection – selecting out bad traits. Natural selection is “Quality Control” for your body plan, and this would actually prevent anything like evolution from occurring in the first place.

Now if you are someone who is looking for proof of God, you may want to do a search for St. Thomas Aquinas “5 Proofs for the Existence of God.” He is considered one of the great philosophers. St. Thomas Aquinas also introduced Christianity to the concept of “Reason.” God does not require Humans to prove his existence. It is faith based. That is the point. Just because science cannot prove the existence of the supernatural does not mean it can be dismissed. A proper scientist would leave all options open and keep everything on the table. Otherwise, it becomes manipulation and politics. 

Vincent G.


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