I am employed at The Sanctuary of Geneva. I’ve read the piece you printed in your Saturday, May 2, 2020 edition about the community response to our resident’s petition for a little bit of sweetness. When I read the article, portions of it seem to send an ungrateful message and I’d like to express to the public, that is not the case.

The current stay-at-home orders are incredibly hard on our folks here. We’ve had to change activity schedules and dining guidelines. No outside visitation is permitted, except through a window. Most everything about their routine has been disrupted. Many of them are a bit forgetful, so the changes don’t make sense regardless of how often we might explain to them. And no matter how much we love them, it’s not the same as their own children and families.

So one day we asked, “What might make this lockdown a little easier?” Someone said, “Chocolate.” The response from the community, local & beyond, was nothing short of AMAZING, INCREDIBLE & HUMBLING to see such kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness from so many people. We are overwhelmed & grateful. However, it is A LOT of candy. I would also add, as one of their nurses, I don’t want them to eat so much it makes them sick. We are not “sick of it,” but we are sharing it.

Paying it forward creates an added blessing, our folks feel a pleasure in sharing, encouraging and giving back during a difficult time.

Bobbie Tramte


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