County native fan

of TNR programs

A friend sent me the article in the the Star Beacon,several weeks ago entitled, “Cats coalition first trap, neuter and release program deemed a success.”

For the past 22 years-plus I have practiced trap neuter release and probably trapped 600-plus cats in that time. A few years ago, the city of Athens, Georgia (home of the University of Georgia) allotted funds for the TNR, which helped greatly. I was a member of an organization which assisted with funds as well. But it has phased out over time. So in the past, I have taken care of all the feral cats and kittens and some domesticated cats dumped by their owners.

I feed around 52 cats seven days a week in many colonies. I’ve come across some rotten, cruel people who discarded their cats like garbage and then I meet many people feeding feral cats and getting them fixed and paying for the TNR on their own as well as buying all their food!

Feral cats live in bad weather year round, snow, rain all other elements. They are tough! Each day they wait for the white truck to come with their water and food.

We have 12 outside cats which come in the cat door in our basement if it rains or is cold out!

I grew up in Hartsgrove and Rock Creek and spent 30 years in Florida. I was in the Marine Corps and a former city police officer, deputy sheriff as well as a Florida State Trooper. I am 83 years old now and a graduate of Grand Valley High School, Orwell,  in 1954.

I wish all the success in the world to the persons in charge of the programs in your area. I wish more communities would follow suit.

William G. Koehlke

Winterville, Ga.

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