I was raised in church. I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was 12, watching the PTL Club on TV late one night. I spent my youth exploring my faith, and later being baptized in the Holy Spirit.

As a teenager, I led youth Bible study, and preached for Sunday night services. I was blessed to lead others to the Lord. My secret: same-sex attraction. I believed I was an abomination. I went through years feeling inadequate, hoping to “pray the gay away.”

I tried ex-gay ministries, fasting, conversion therapy, and was married, hoping my same-sex attraction would go away. Nothing worked. It was time to accept who I was! Like many in the LGBTQ community, I found myself without a church. Now, I have come to discover the fullness of what the Bible has to offer all who choose to follow God — regardless of orientation, origin, color, or gender. I write this to reach out to other LGBTQ people and allies who would be interested a gathering, either in a home group or public setting, to get to know God and develop spiritually. If you would be interested in participating in this small group fellowship — where you are accepted and loved as you are, contact me via email at iamcenterhouseofrestoration@gmail.com

God bless you! 

Peter J. Scardino



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