I was sick after reading the 9/22/21 Star Beacon article depicting a cozy relationship between Jefferson Village Administrator Pasquale Martuccio, the county commissioners, and the contract to purchase 35 acres from Vincenzina Martuccio. The article reports that Village Administrator Martuccio asked the commissioners for a timeline regarding any assistance that might be needed from the village, and that he was looking forward to annexing this property into the village. 


What ever happened to investigative journalism? I have not read a single word about the apparent familial relationship between the village administrator and the landowner. There are red flags of a potential violation of Ohio Ethics law which prohibits a public official from using his position to secure a benefit for anyone he is closely connected to. 


And what a benefit it is! The commissioners are going to pay $350,000 for this land, even though there are no parcels within 5 miles of that location that are valued at $10,000 per acre. Was the apparent relationship between the landowner and the village administrator, along with the outrageous purchase price, the reasons why the commissioners kept the location of their new giant jail a secret for such a long time? 


The citizens of Ashtabula County deserve a lot more information before agreeing to a 20 year tax increase.


Larry Puraty

Rock Creek

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