CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, AP, NPR, PBS, the Washington Post and New York Times ... the fake-news media once again, working with the DNC, is attempting to put forth more false narratives in a feckless attempt to to stop President Donald Trump from his serving a second term. It will not work ! Trump will easily win a second term by a landslide by all honest reporting. All know this is true. 

The great mailbox hoax is the most prominent as of right now, but more are sure to come in the next several months before the election. They will not abate their attempts to remove our President, elected and loved by all working Americans and small business owner/operators. They will attempt to forcibly remove him once he wins again with more crazy claims, lies and accusations that he is unfit!

I, as a former real Democrat, and not a Marxist, Socialist or Communist as the Democrat party now prides itself to represent, will support our great representative of the forgotten American and Patriot, along 70 percent of our country. This is the hard truth, and nothing will change the inevitable re-election of President Trump, no matter how many cities the Dems and their minions (ANTIFA, BLM) burn down in protest !

Democracy , is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is an armed lamb , ready to contest the vote — Ben Franklin.

Richard Rashid


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