The movie “The Blues Brothers” had a musical number by Aretha Franklin. She ended the song, pointing her finger and strongly says “Think!”

I ask you to “think,” do we have a definable country? The no border thinkers do not believe in a defined Nation and wish to eliminate the border. In my opinion this makes no common sense. Let everyone in no vetting. No clear path to being a citizen.

If I lived in South America of course I would want to go to the United States. Why not, free health care, welfare, housing and so forth. Land of the free handout.

Before you yell racism, isn’t this exactly what this is? No more entry visas for would-be citizens, all South Americans go to head of the line! This certainly sounds like racism to me, push aside Europeans, Asians, et al.

A few years ago I wrote a spoof in response to Ashtabula County Citizens wanting unlimited South American entry. If we continue down this hole we’ll have a massive social problem. How many will enter, hundreds of thousand, millions? None of us really know.

Here is what I  have seen: Chicago schools and English is a second language. Special provisions have to be made for the children of illegals. Teacher have to teach in Spanish and English. The children have a very difficult issue to adapt to our customs. The parents want the schools to change. Free lunches and American fare not to their liking. 

Open the borders and Ashtabula County will have a large influx and the school and health systems and welfare will be overwhelmed. Leave only two choices: reduce services and increase taxes.

Final question: Why the United States? Why not Mexico where they speak Spanish. The answer is the free support. Note to minorities: how long will your employment last if the labor market is flooded with those willing to work for less? There will be no $15.00 an hour demand met.

So before you throw away our Border and Country, THINK!

Thomas Broad

North Kingsville

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