From the beginning of our nation’s history, education has been held high in the minds of most people. Harvard started early and since then a system of public/private education has taught the masses. We spend millions on that system supposedly designed to produce a competent knowledge for a great society. Obviously something happened along the way.

Education has become a “god” for many and for a long time now. Probably many have thought some kind of education could cure the negatives of our society but it has not. I believe knowledge is power but there is more to knowing than just knowing. Does it not count for something to ask “what kind” of knowledge is power? There are many species knowledge has but much of it is so much garbage. To be a practicing atheist (unbeliever in God) and be knowledge-engrossed in earthly things is like eating crumbs from a beautiful whole loaf of bread. Book knowledge is great but how much of it is wrong, stupid, and ungodly? How many things do men “know” and as far as truthfulness is concerned is so much hogwash? The theory of evolution,  eg. is false knowledge to the core. This created universe is fantastic in content and sure did not come to be by some “big bang” theory! You can’t run a tornado through a junkyard and have a Buick come out the back door!

Let me say this plainly. A fear of the living God is an imperative if we have brain one upstairs. Ignorance and foolishness says there is no God (Psalm 19:1). Can we have spiritual knowledge and live by it? Most assuredly. Can we repent of craziness and selfishness? Yes we can. Maybe a virus can say something to us if we can “hear it!” (Acts 10:34, 35; John 5:15b).

Charles Geiser



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