The following comments are from the Star Beacon Facebook page. They have been lightly edited for style and clarity.


On efforts by lawmakers to bail out the state’s two nuclear power plants

Keith Koepke — No bailout. Enough with corporate handouts. First Eneregy needs to take a look at their own business practices first. Stop with the frickin taxes and subsidies.

Brock Thomas — Wait until the plant closes and 700-1500 incomes are toasted. That’ll show ‘em, while lowering the amount of income tax and quality, dependable people in our area who shift out west.

Alicia Smith — If we don’t support it, NE OH will die even more. And our electricity and gas bills will skyrocket! It will be a monopoly with the gas companies controlling price. Don’t be so ignorant and swayed by propaganda. Do your research!

Ralph Jeffrey — No bailouts unless they bailout Lordstown too.

Jim English — GM got a bailout already, they chose to open divisions in Mexico vs. spending the money and building quality models in Lordstown. The Cruze was a flop, yet they kept building it. The Lordstown division is now taking the fall for them as they switch into not building any more sedans and going the truck and SUV lines only.


On Geneva offensive lineman Sam Davis committing to play college football at Temple

Tim-Sue Conrad — Awesome Sam! So proud of you! 

Janet Jepson Discher — Way to go Sam!

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