“Governor DeWine, what are you doing?” My head is spinning. No, I’m not referring to his ending the mask mandate. That’s long overdue. But this lottery vaccination incentive, what he calls a “million-dollar drawing” is ill-conceived and reckless, and possibly an illegal use of public funds.

Many people are praising this, but they may not have thought it through. Consider: it’s much more than a million dollars. Five awards of $1 million each — and five full-ride scholarships? We’re talking many more millions. This is federal relief money, intended to help many desperate, hurting people and businesses, not merely a lucky 10 people. 

All-expenses-paid scholarships sound good, but they ask nothing of the student and thus no accountability. Not a good idea.

It’s hardly an act of fiscal responsibility by one who claims an “R” after his name. Rep. Sykes has it right — as she said, it’s a “grave misuse” of money. And she’s not even a Republican! 

All right-minded need to oppose this. When this story broke I contacted Gov. DeWine via his web page to register my protest, but by then it was probably too late. Nevertheless, I think it’s still important to let him know what his constituents are thinking.

Mary Ellen Blake



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