Gov. Mike DeWine and the Department of Health do not have the authority to interrupt and suspend voting to steal democracy hours before an election, given the number of infected people statewide.

I am a left-leaning Democrat, but I have been extremely impressed and outspokenly supportive of Gov. DeWine on almost all of his actions in office except for his draconian reproductive rights measures. He has otherwise done a great job, especially under stress making the tough, unpopular decisions in a timely manner and I give him an “atta boy”... until now!

Stopping the primary is wrong! The decision is based on illogical assumptions! Given the exponential nature of rates of infection of a communicable disease or virus, the idea that the numbers of infected people will be less three months into the future is preposterous. This is the safest window now with infection levels low in Ohio.

This action has interrupted and stolen our Democracy! While you are at it you might as well change your term length and term limits just like Putin, you know, because of the emergency and all. I’m sure Trump will try if the virus gets worse in November. Be careful your Republican is showing and you’re going to lose your other support. Given it’s a democratic primary this is highly suspicious and given what that impostor in Washington is doing and particularly that our Ohio Republican Senators and Congressmen on one side of their mouths said what Trump did was wrong yet supported him like lemmings. The National Republican Party appears to have no moral compass. Gov. DeWine seems to still have a strong moral compass, but this action is suspect because of what is going on nationwide throughout the Republican Party with voter suppression. How brilliant — one felled swoop! No, seriously this could set a potential revolt-level precedent. One can almost guarantee Republicans in the south will attempt to manipulate voting in the future this way considering their recent voter suppression.

The  present infection levels of COVID-19 in Ohio are serious and preventative measures to limit the spread of the virus are necessary, but the numbers are not so high that Democracy should be suspended. Cautious public safety protocols outlined by the CDC are adequate — if managed properly — for people to vote. It would probably be safer than grocery stores and we are going there. This is the best window for voting, not with exponential rates of infection three months from now because it is going to get worse before it gets better.

Gov. DeWine, you dropped the ball. And you were doing so well.

Bart J. Horvath


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