The whole attempt to impeach President Trump by these Dems is a load of garbage. They just can’t stand the fact that Trump beat Hillary Clinton. It’s obvious that the Dems will never admit the fact that Trump has done more good for this country than Barack Obama could have ever dreamed of doing.

Basically, Obama did absolutely nothing for this country except to make the USA a laughingstock to the rest of the world. Which is exactly what the Dems are doing now, making America a joke, just like they are! The few real Democrats that are still around in this country are probably disgusted and ashamed at what their Democratic Party has become. The very second after Trump took the oath of office, he already eclipsed everything Obama did in his eight years.

These Dems are a party of open borders and open arms to all criminals and terrorists. Just so they can get their votes to keep them in office so they can continue their quest to turn the United States of America into the United States of Communist America. If the Dems are so fired up to put criminals on trial, then why is Clinton still walking around free? She should have been behind bars years ago because she really is a criminal! Don’t forget the Russian emails and more importantly the fact she was solely responsible for getting our troops killed in Benghazi! Ya, that’s right, did you all forget about that? The fact that she is walking around free is a complete joke! This just further shows how these Democrats stick together. As far as the Constitution goes, Obama stepped all over it the entire eight years he was in office!

Trump is trying to make our country safe from criminals and terrorists and the Democrats fight him the whole way. He’s made the economy much better and created more jobs. The Dems just won’t acknowledge it! Trump is the best president this country has had since Ronald Reagan. He’ll get my vote again because I’ll never bow down and take orders from any Democrat! And you can chisel that in granite!

Kevin Dunham


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