Dear “Just Dave”:




I read your recent fundraising letter, and am compelled to point out some inaccuracies your fact-checker seems to have missed.




Far from the House committees’ secure hearings being “conducted...without a shred of transparency,” there were 47 Republicans serving on those very same committees who had the opportunity not only to attend the hearings, but to question witnesses themselves (although some chose instead to “protest” and pretend they were denied access).  Democrats followed the same procedures for minority party participation established during the Republican-led Clinton impeachment in 1998.




You repeat the claim that impeachment is an attempt to overturn the 2016 election, but that would mean putting Hillary in the White House! The truth is that impeachment is solely about this president’s conduct post-election. 




You characterize Democrats as being “fixated on impeachment,” but literally hundreds of bills have been passed by the House this session. Unfortunately, your Republican colleague, “Moscow Mitch” McConnell, refuses to allow most of these to reach the Senate floor for action, including those critical to countering foreign interference in the upcoming 2020 elections. You may pretend the Democrats are focused on nothing but impeachment, but evidence shows it’s the Republicans that are subverting Americans’ interests to the Republican party’s priorities.  




Claims that Democrats have a “socialist agenda” and promote “catastrophic” and “radical socialist policies” are simply “OK Boomer” scare tactics.  What is “socialistic” about spending our tax dollars on healthcare, infrastructure, public education, jobs training, the environment, and a host of other long-neglected citizens’ needs, rather than tax breaks for wealthy people and corporations who don’t need them?




During your tenure in office I’ve been thankful that at least you were not one of your party’s hair-on-fire extremists.  With the content and tone of your fundraising letter, however, it’s clear that is no longer true. You’ve taken the “party over country” pledge at a time when the survival of our very democracy demands a principled defense of our Constitution and the government created thereby.




“Just Dave,” if you do not intend to uphold your oath of office, and instead are willing to spread falsehoods and fear to support your party’s hold on political power, it is time to resign.




Jennifer Gardner


Ashtabula Township

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