Throughout my life, I have attempted to look at most things, and the decisions I have made, with common sense ... especially when it comes to the best interest of the American people and those who I want leading our local and national government.

Why would we allow millions of illegal immigrants, with children, in to our country, when we are already spending billions of our tax dollars on school breakfast and lunch programs for our needy children all across our country? Many of our country’s children go to bed hungry.

Logic tells me that building a wall to keep out drug pushers, human smugglers, terrorists and those who just want “freebies” is a reasonable thing to do. Many homes, particularly those of government employees, actors/actresses, and sports personnel, are surrounded by walls to help keep out unwelcome intruders.

Does it make sense to put murderers in prison for life, while allowing partial/whole birth abortions with no criminal consequences?

It makes no sense to me that many judges determine cases not by the facts, but by their political views. While thousands of criminals go free, a person who protects his/her home might very well get arrested.

Why would we destroy our constitution, get rid of the electoral college, and substitute mail-in voting for in-person or absentee voting, when mail-in voting allows for the potential for massive voter corruption. Could all this be for political reasons?

Isn’t it just plain crazy to defund police, when they are desperately needed to defend us from criminals? If you defund the police, “Who you gonna call, Ghostbusters?” BLM says they are protesting to change how police are treating the black community, yet they have looted and destroyed thousands of black-owned businesses across the country that many never be able to reopen.

How much sense does it make to destroy the middle class, lose your civil and constitutional rights and allow big government to determine how you live, what you say, and what religious beliefs you choose? With COVID-19, we have already seen what it is like to be somewhat controlled, even though it is for a national emergency, and most Americans don’t like it. We love our freedom.

I want leaders who will work tirelessly to improve the lives of the American people, build and improve the economy, keep us safe and stand up to world leaders who have been, and continue to be, dangerous to America — Like China!

If you are a Democrat, look at your leadership. Common sense will tell you they have done nothing to improve the lives of the American people in the last four years. They have brought forth no new legislation to help us. Their time and energies have been spent trying to getrid of our duly elected president. The demorcatic leadership only cares cares about staying in power and pushing their “left wing” agenda. It has nothing to do with improving the lives of the “American people” -- only about votes and power. If you are a Democrat and you still vote for the Democratic leadership, when logic and policy dictates otherwise, I feel sorry for all of us.

Please check out Joe Biden’s platform and plans for America’s future. Check out who supports him (Bernie Sanders, AOC, and George Soros, to name a few) and the Democratic leadership. Their Socialist ideals are ready to go.

Mike Roe 



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