Column brings back fond memories

I read Star Beacon Editor Ed Puskas’ column every week, and look forward to it with enthusiasm. I so loved this: “I was hooked on newspapers from the first time I watched the presses run here at The Star Beacon almost 35 years ago.” For me, that was in 1974, as a rookie Family Life reporter at The Star Beacon.

We were an afternoon paper then, and our deadline was 10:30 a.m. The Rowleys still owned the paper; Dick Blood was managing editor, Chuck McCrory, city editor. Writing for the paper was the first (but thankfully, not the last) job I truly loved. The skills I learned there have served me well in all my other endeavors. Getting that newspaper literally “hot off the presses” at my desk left me with a lifelong love of holding newsprint. I know that makes me a dinosaur, but there it is. 

Our newsroom crew was a pretty tight bunch. Weekends featured lots of “Star Beacon parties” at our houses and apartments, and there were a couple newsroom romances. We’re scattered across the U.S. now, and we’ve lost a couple friends. We’ve had a few reunions over the years, the most recent one just last summer. 

I’m sure the day could come when home delivery of a print paper will no longer be possible. It’s a miracle that The Star Beacon continues to print. I do read the online edition but it’s just not the same.

Thank you for doing what you do. You’re a good editor, and the Beacon does a great job with our small-town news. I would truly miss it. 

Maryann Stevenson

Fiscal Officer

Plymouth Township


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