So, Charlie Frye is no longer Director of the Board of Elections. Democrats are gloating and Republicans are scratching their heads.  What happened?

When the news was announced his whole office staff (50/50 Democrats and Republicans) walked out in loyalty and protest led, I am told, by the Democrats. Everyone knows that Charlie parks his politics at the door. He has a reputation in Ashtabula, around the State and in Columbus for scrupulously fair and efficiently run elections.

Success often breeds resentment and jealousy. In a move that surprised everyone, a man newly appointed as a Republican Board Member on his first day in his new position joined with two Democrats to oust Charlie from office. He cited ‘personal reasons’ while admitting to the other Republican Board Member that Charlie had done a ‘great job’. (Do you smell a rat?) On hearing this the Executive Committee (about 30 members) gave Charlie a unanimous vote of confidence. 

This “coup” may come back to bite us all. The Primary election is less than two months away, with military and overseas ballots going out very soon. This takes intense planning and preparation to come off smoothly. Not the best time to put a new person in place. Not surprisingly, Charlie offered his help if needed.

This story is far from over. Stay tuned!

Mary Ellen Blake


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