This is ridiculous for the Board of Election not to find Colleen O’Toole guilty of not living in Ashtabula. I, Reginald Holman, was at the place of residence and I didn’t see anything or hear anything to make me believe that she lives there.

Does the Board of Elections treat all people the same? If so:

1. Were the police and FBI involved in her investigation? They were in mine.

2. Did they watch her house for 30 days?

3. Did they kick in the door of her residence?

4. Were there any felonies filed against her?

I, Reginald Holman, went through all of this and I really lived at my reported address. When the police and FBI came to my residence, I was there. I still visit my elderly parents, who live 1.92 miles from my apartment. But the Board of Elections said I didn’t live there.

Something is wrong with this system.

Reginald Holman


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