Black Lives Matter is a movement whose time has come to truly raise the conscience of our country. It is a movement to reunite all of us with the desire to have true equal justice and opportunity for all. And to have the ghost of Karl Marx used to deflect and discredit this movement and the protests it has energized is disgusting. My generation need not be reminded of the atrocities of war and the unimaginable evil of the likes of Hitler and Stalin. But I also remember an aftermath of communist scare tactics used by our own government to discredit and blacklist good citizens. Those same scare tactics were used to legislate House Bill 6 and now, it seems they raise their ugly head to deflect the legitimacy of the Black Lives Matter protests.

I do not use any social media as a newsworthy source of truth. However I did view an interview by journalists of federal marshals assigned to Portland and Seattle. In that interview, the marshals clearly pointed out that the violence they experienced was done by a small handful, usually after dark, and the vast majority of protesters were peacefully exercising their constitutional right. When asked if they felt their presence had exacerbated the violence, they responded “probably.”

It seems that whenever there is a disruption in the process of political expediency, the left is blamed. This was the president’s first reaction to the protests. And of course, the left means raising the red flag.

The Black Lives Matter movement should not be clouded by innuendos of communist infiltration. There is more hard evidence of white supremacists, militia men, and gun nuts trying to disrupt the constitutional rights of those who strive to enlighten all of us to the things that must be changed.

Let the ghost of Karl Marx be replaced by the ghosts of Martin Luther King and John Lewis.

Ron Yarian


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