Two summers ago, watching the available footage of the riots and destruction in cities around the nation staged by BLM and the falsely labeled “Antifa,” which were encouraged, idolized, and yet simultaneously minimized by government and media fascists as they occurred, my wife and I noticed a man sporting a horned hat who appeared in different clips, allegedly from different cities.

On January 6, as we watched news footage and live streams from the Capitol, there was that horned Antifa dude again, right in the middle of the Capitol! His presence gave the lie to media and Democrat claims that it was President Trump who encouraged that riot. We also heard the President’s speech. Not one word of that speech called for violence, destruction, or invading the Capitol.

Of course, when Jason Chansley, alias Jake Angeli, and two others were arrested a few days later in Phoenix, the horned antifa operative claimed affiliation with QAnon, and said President Trump told him to riot on Jan. 6.

Having seen that man in attendance at other Antifa-BLM riots around the country, and watching on-scene footage live streamed by “Stop the Steal” men and women, we know an Antifa contingent was moved in ahead of the “Stop the Steal” march to discredit conservatives. We have also seen footage of Capitol police officers removing barriers and waving people into the Capitol.

President Trump is not that underhanded and subtle. Barack Hussein Obama, on the other hand, is. Obama has followed the plan of action formulated by his hero and mentor, Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his “Rules for Radicals” to Satan, who Alinsky called the first rebel. As with Satan, all Obama has done is covered and promoted by lies.

It reminded me of the lawsuits and criminal cases that pursued Obama’s ACORN community agitators who were bussed from state to state following Obama during the Democratic primary against Hillary Clinton, skewing primary votes in Obama’s favor. It reminded me of the underhanded tactics Obama had employed against fellow Democrats he considered rivals in his earlier Illinois election campaigns. 

It also brought back the interview Biden gave shortly before the Nov. 3, 2020 election when he bragged that he and Obama had organized the most comprehensive voter fraud operation our nation had ever seen, just as he had bragged to the Council on Foreign Relations about forcing the Ukraine government to fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma, the Ukrainian company employing his son Hunter, by threatening, with Obama’s backing, to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid while he was Vice President.

This is not Biden’s operation. In 50 years public life, Biden has never demonstrated the charisma or intelligence needed to get so many factions motivated and coordinated to corrupt last November’s election and then brazenly, repeatedly, lie to cover that corruption. Biden and his VP are just front men — shills.  Obama, who Biden named co-conspirator in the election fraud he bragged about before the election, has shown the charisma, intelligence and the arrogance to believe he could get away with this plan; and the contempt and hatred for our country, our people, and our God needed to try to turn our nation into another Cuba, another Venezuela, another Russia. The stealing of our elections and subsequent sabotage of our Republic as orchestrated since Biden was sworn in is  Obama’s operation. This is the Obama third term, run by proxy.

The entire world has just witnessed the Biden administration’s abject abandonment of our mission in Afghanistan and the betrayal of our international allies on the ground, the Afghani nationals who aided our mission there, and the American citizens left behind as Biden surrendered and fled. We have also seen Biden’s State Department actually block private, U.S. military, and international efforts to get people out of Taliban hands as Biden ordered flights from the country stopped.

This is the Obama administration’s desertion of our diplomatic mission in Benghazi on steroids. Just as Obama and his State Department abandoned our ambassador and the people who tried to defend him on the ground in Libya, so Biden and his State Department have abandoned the people who depended on United States’ promises and protection in Afghanistan. Biden and Obama, the administrations serving them, their State Department cohorts, and the media covering for them are all traitors.

Douglas L. Parr


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