We are living in a world of international, prophetic “globalism.” You ask, what does that mean? If you have a Bible, you can follow where this all stated and where it is leading today.

Gen.10:9 speaks of a mighty hunter named “Nimrod.” He was hunting people and power. Gen.11:1-9 reveals his Confederation against God. Nimrod was a grandson of Ham, and his name means “rebel.” He was a mighty tyrant in the sight of God, the first dictator. He was the founder of the Babylonian empire and was the organizer of the enterprise that led to the construction of the tower of Babel. God had commanded men to replenish the earth (Gen.9:1,7,9) but these descendants of Noah, under the leadership of Nimrod, (Gen.10:8-10) decided to stop and establish a city as a monument to their pride and for their reputation. This was deliberate rebellion against God’s Word. Their main purpose was to maintain a unified opposition to God and establish a name for themselves.

This entire operation is a preview of the final opposition of man (and Satan) against Christ, centered in the Babylon of Rev. 17-18. Men will unite then in a world church and world political organization, as a global force led by the Antichrist, the last world dictator. The Bible explains the “course of history,” the “climax of history” and the “culmination of history,” a one-world order.

This will lead to the “Millennium!” The reign of Christ on earth. Our world will be ruled not by Nimrod, Nebuchadnezzar, Greece, Persia, Rome or the Antichrist, but ruled by the Lord Jesus Christ! Then. and only then. will there be “peace on earth and good will toward men!”

The pandemic may have hindered the spreading of the Gospel a bit, but never can it change the power it has to change the heart. For 70 years the Rev. Billy Graham preached messages culminating with the same question I leave you today. What will you do with Jesus Christ? With God ‘all lives do matter’ ( II Peter 3:9). Won’t you trust Christ today, and receive Him as your Savior? (Jn.3:16-17; Rom.10:9-10 Acts 1:6-11). He is coming again just as He left.

Will you be ready? Will you be a part of the Millennial reign of Christ or will you follow the world into the hands of the Antichrist? Our nation is headed in an anti-God direction with Marxist ideals that will lead to our destruction. The truth is in God’s Word, please read it for yourself.

Terry Wolcott


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