Biden commercials are absolutely ridiculous. One says Trump is only for himself. So how come our economy is greater than its been in decades? Our country is safer and there’s more people working than in decades! (pre-COVID-19). I’m sure the Dems are trying to figure out a way to blame Trump for the virus.

Trump has made this country safer and better despite all the road blocks and zero support from the Democrats. They have done nothing positive for this country in the last 20-30 years! When Obama and Biden were in office for eight years, they did less than nothing! Unless of course you are an illegal alien, terrorist or criminal. Then yes! You made out like a bandit! Literally!

Another commercial says Biden will rebuild the economy. Really? Trump has already done that and will make it even better. Anyone out there who has a brain that’s at least the size of a flea can see that Biden is completely delusional and in the early stages of dementia. He’s clueless, just like his followers.

Recent articles called Trump dangerous to our country, but in reality it’s Biden that’s the true danger because he will put this country right back in the same sewer it was put in by Obama. Trump has made this country strong and respectable again, and not the weak joke that Obama and Biden made it. These Democrats are for open borders to let all terrorists, criminals and illegal aliens in, and give them free everything just to secure their votes so they can keep their agenda on track to destroy our freedoms and rights in America.

This red, white and blue blooded American will never disgrace myself our this country by being a traitor and voting for Biden. And why are so many of you afraid to say the word Communist? I’m certainly not afraid. Socialism is in fact Communism. So i’ll state the fact once again — Russia, the Soviet Union, and the U.S.S.R. which stands for United Soviet SOCIALISTS Republic!!

There isn’t any more proof needed than that! Facts are facts. So a vote for Biden is like spitting n the faces of all our veterans, past and present, who fought against Communism.

Kevin Dunham



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