I’m so tired of seeing these TV commercials from Michael Bloomberg. One says America is sick of Trump.

The truth is that all of the real, true Americans of this country are sick to death of these Democrats stinking up our government! President Trump was exactly right when he called Bernie Sanders a communist, because that’s what socialists are.

There is no gray area there, even though there are certain individuals that will try to make you believe otherwise. Apparently, people have forgotten about Russia and the USSR, which stood for UNION of SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS!

Bernie, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and more are all anti-America, anti-freedom and anti-rights. So who’s next in line to get paid millions of dollars by these Dems to make up the next batch of garbage lies against Trump?

None of them should have never been allowed to hold any type of government office! They are all dead set on destroying this great country from within. They have open arms to all foreign criminals and terrorists with offers of practically free everything just to get their votes in future elections to keep their agenda on track.

Trump says let’s Make America Great Again! Well, that’s what he’s been doing since day one, despite all the roadblocks from the Dems. The real true Americans will never vote for any of these Democrat candidates whether they’re communists or just the ones who kiss up to them!

And the clueless people of this country will be led like sheep to the Democrat wolf pack for slaughter! And us real Americans will make a stand and fight to keep our rights and our freedoms! The rest of you people need to wake up! The bottom line is this, MY VOICE, MY VOTE, MY PRESIDENT, DONALD TRUMP in 2016 and 2020.

Kevin Dunham


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