Many of us have seen the devastation that synthetic opioids like fentanyl have caused in our communities. These highly deadly drugs have taken far too many lives, and are a leading driver in the historic surge in drug overdose deaths we are seeing during this COVID-19 pandemic.

We should all be outraged, then, that these synthetic opioids will only be illegal for a little while longer. Starting in May of next year, the DEA and other law enforcement agencies will no longer be able to go after the fentanyl, carfentanil, and numerous other highly lethal drugs that are devastating families as we speak.

That’s why Congress needs to act quickly to pass Sen. Rob Portman’s new bipartisan Fight Fentanyl Act, which will correct this oversight and help us prevent more untimely deaths. I thank Sen. Portman for his commitment to combating addiction even in these unprecedented times.


Kathryn Whittington

Ashtabula County Commissioner

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