In July of 2019 my father became unexpectedly ill and passed away. Following his passing, while I was still grieving his death, I was responsible for many aspects of his estate, including property taxes. One morning I called the Ashtabula County Treasurer’s Office to inquire about hours and I spoke with the Treasurer Dawn Cragon. I was told that the office was open from 8 a.m. – noon. I work for a living, blue collar. I told the treasurer that the hours are not very useful for the working man. She then told me that I should have planned ahead, tax bills are due two times per year, they do not sneak up on you. The current treasurer obviously believes the taxpayers should expect the unexpected, including the untimely death of a loved one, and under no circumstance should we expect her to be inconvenienced after noon by doing the job we, the taxpayers, pay her to do. Dawn Cragon has forgotten she was elected by the people of this county to work for us and must be replaced. My vote will be for Angie Maki-Cliff for Ashtabula County treasurer, the only candidate with experience and a genuine desire to serve Ashtabula County.

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