I caution Ashtabula City Council and the citizens of Ashtabula to look past the $35 million Aqua is offering for the wastewater treatment plant.

I served on Geneva’s City Council for 12 years. One of the signature accomplishments was the purchasing of the water delivery system back from Aqua. In the 1960s Geneva sold its water system to Aqua for all of the reasons Mike Speelman outlined in his letter published in the Star Beacon on March 3.

Why buy it back? Aqua values profits over service. If a major pipe line needed replaced, they did a fine job. But all of the side-street pipelines were ignored because the number of people on those lines did not represent a profitable return on the cost of replacement.

Geneva’s Raymond Drive had a dead-end pipe line that served about a dozen citizens. The pipeline was rusting and people’s clothes came out of their washing machines stained. Aqua ignored all calls to do something about it.

Geneva City Council and its administrators valued service over profit. The $6 million that Geneva received when they sold the water system to Aqua frittered away that money and was left with unhappy citizens and no control over the annual increase in the cost of potable water.

Listen to Roskovics and Pugliese. They know how corporations work. Or don’t work.

Howard Anderson


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