Watchman, Patriots, Minutemen — awake from your slumber. Our country and our freedoms are at risk!

Antifa is a wing of the Communist Party. Their goal is to destroy the United States as we know it!

First destroy our history by tearing down statues of our founders and of Abraham Lincoln and U.S. Grant. They degrade our society and spread the lie that we were never that great. Let us remind them of the Greatest Generation, who saved us from fascism at a great loss and sacrifice of our citizens.

It’s not amazing how much Antifa acts like Fascists. They wear all black akin to Mussolini’s Black Shirts and Hitler’s SS. We can stop Antifa because their only strength is mob violence and of overwhelming odds. This is also their weakness. They hide behind black masks and black hoodies. This youth think of themselves as intellectuals;. They are hooligans and cowards as they hide. 

Their greatest fear is to be identified by name, address and who their parents are and what university they attend.

We can unmask them without ever touching them, pinpoint their leaders and perhaps show very real Russian collusion. Once identified they will slink back, they will run fro cover with Mommy and Daddy, and find a rock to hide under.

We can stop this pestilence without violent confrontation. We can save the United States and work together to make improvements.

Awaken Watchman and bear witness to this assault. Patriots meet and choose to stop Antifa and Minutemen stand shoulder to shoulder to protect the United States.

God Bless America.

Thomas Broad


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