America has been a beacon of hope for people around the world who believe in human rights. But the murder of George Floyd by law enforcement officers for all the world to see via social media has not only seared an infamous stain on our national history it has also forced Americans to recognize the dark side of racism in America. Only those who are spiritually blind fail to see it.

Added to the peril of inequality in America we are facing a deadly coronavirus pandemic. And if this were not bad enough we have a president with a narcissistic personality who lacks the ability to provide moral or rational leadership. I don’t care which party you support it is difficult for anyone to not recognize the juvenile behavior of this president. He is a disaster amid disastrous times.

There are many hardcore thinkers in America and around the world who fight against positive change. It is difficult to remain positive and search for light at the end of the tunnel when the tunnel is blocked by many who are blinded by prejudice or who care little for racial or any other form of equality. But there is a whole new generation of people disgusted with things the way they are and are committed to breaking through the prejudicial barriers that block freedom, justice, and equality for everyone.

There is a radicalized segment of those protesting who are mimicking their oppressors by using hate to fight hate and injustice. They are causing great harm and destruction that stands in the way of those trying to overcome racism and prejudice. Burning down buildings, looting, tearing down historical statues, and attacking police officers is the kind of behavior that harms what peaceful demonstrators are trying accomplish. Destructive protesting inflames resistance to change and pushes us further into peril.

But then there are the masses of peaceful protesters who may not know how to reform law enforcement and the criminal justice system, they may not know how to eliminate poverty and increase equal opportunity, they may not know how to raise the standard of living for many who have been left out. But they are a mighty force driven by hope that positive changes in these areas is possible and extremely necessary. They are a force for positive change looking for leaders who can facilitate needed changes. As long as there is hope for positive change in America and around the world there is light at the end of the tunnel that no one can extinguish.

Terance Blon



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