I saw an article in the Star Beacon on March 27 regarding Malcolm Douglas’ suggestion that in-person voting is necessary in place of voting by absentee ballot.

I strongly disagree with the notion voters would be disenfranchised, because the people who vote truly treasure their right to do so, and also treasure their life and their health.

Here’s the best part: Douglas stated in the article that people did not vote in person during the Spanish Flu, when a quarter of the U.S. population became infected and many died. But there was no other choice then, since absentee voting probably wasn’t available. The statement that a quarter of the population became infected shows how blatantly wrong advocating for in-person voting actually is.

The reason Secretary of State Frank LaRose ordered all absentee voting was to preserve life lost during the disease, but also because a surge of people requiring hospitalization as a result of this virus could outnumber the beds, staff, supply of respirators and personal protective equipment to save their lives.

We need, in people to whom we entrust public offices, a compassion and recognition of the value of human life we place here in America. We should consider this when we select our leaders when we vote absentee before April 28, 2020.

Donald H. Smith


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