We are writing today to encourage you to support Ashtabula Area City Schools by voting “Yes” on May 4 for Issue 8.

Ashtabula Area City Schools has not passed an operating levy for new funding in 21 years. The school board and the district have made budgetary reductions for years, some which we believe have been harmful to the educational process.

 In addition to those cuts, we continue to utilize reserves to balance the budget. Those reserves will soon be depleted and will require the district to make additional budgetary reductions which could adversely affect the education.

Issue 8 is a 3.8-mill operating levy to support the district’s day-to-day operations, such as instructional salaries and benefits, classroom supplies, utilities, transportation, athletics and more.

There are some important things to remember when considering your vote for the levy. 

Issue 8 would generate roughly $1.7 million annually and cost $11 per month for every $100,000 in home valuation. 


More than 70% of district revenue is spent on teaching and instructional support.


The district’s bond levy millage was reduced from 7 mills to 5 mills through refinancing. Lower interest rates also have saved taxpayers more than $2 million.

We believe it is important to support the Ashtabula Area City Schools and the levy as the district provides vital education and services to children in our community. Please remember that strong schools help build strong communities.

Thank you for your support!


AACS Central Office Team

Dr. Mark Potts

Mark Astorino

Krista Shean

Mariel Sallee

Dr. Kelly Washington

Jennifer Polak

Tim Ranck

Abbie Brockway

Susan Prochazka

Terry Strong

Kathy DiDonato

Jessica Wiser

Michelle Massaro

Martha Hamilton

Sue Haight

Margie Jones

Wendy Flickinger

Amanda Steel




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