Because I’ve been on some river cruises in Europe, I feel fortunate.

In 2008, my sister and I spent three days in Paris on Isle de St. Louis in the middle of the Seine. Our hotel was a 15th Century tennis club. From Paris, we rode the train to Chalon Sur Saone to board our ship. On that trip (south through Provence) we were ‘eye to eye’ with the swans, because the bottoms of our two picture windows were level  with the surface of the river. Our room had a twin bed against either wall with an aisle narrower than the beds. Our miniscule bathroom’s shower was a triangle in one corner. There was a tiny closet.

Our most recent trip was a 15-day Grand European Tour from Budapest to Amsterdam.

On this trip we signed up at the last minute and snagged (at one third the regular price) one of only two luxury suites situated in the stern of the boat. We had a wrap-around deck, living room, mater bedroom with twin beds surrounded by oodles of space. On one side of the hall were two capacious closets and on the other a bathroom as large as one of the bedrooms in my home.

I recently spent a vacation on Conneaut’s stationary River Cruise Ship. My large room was bathed by the sun. My window faced north toward Lake Erie.Half of the floor psace could be the dance floor in a restaurant. And in regard to restaurant: I was astounded by the wide variety of gourmet offerings on the a la carte menu. The presentation rivaled the menu’s photographs. All was prepared to perfection ... vegetables and pasta: el dente.

The Ms. Conneaut sits on U. S. Route 20 about one and a half miles south of the best park on all the great lakes: Conneaut Township Park where one can climb the monkey bars, ride the swings, walk, run, sun bathe and swim.

Conneaut Creek (really a wild and scenic river) offers a paddle by canoe or kayak up or down river or a ride in your motorized runabout. The banks and shore offer hold a wide spectrum of flor and fauna for nature study. Take the road and discover covered bridges and small Ohio state parks.

Cross into Pennsylvania on U. S. Route 20 just east of town and in a couple miles, catch U. S. Route 5 (Lake Road) and take the scenic route to Erie. You could hop a flight from Tom Ridge Erie International Airport to many destinations. U. S. Route 5 Y’s left to Alternate Rt. 5... 8th Street where you’ll spy a large strip mall: Colony Plaza (high end supermarket, The Colony restaurant, The Jelly Jar (unique toys, hobby items) Brew HaHa (coffee bistro and more... Continue on 8th Street; find Claudine’s Consignments on the NE corner of 8th. Right onto Pittsburg... on the left is ‘The Sassy Peacock; (nice used women’s and men’s clothing and accessories). Cross 12th Street and contnie on Pittsburg. Turn left immediately before the U-Haul store and turn left, into Erie City Mission’s resale department store.

Take the ramp off 12th to interstate 79, south to the Kearsarge exit. Here you’ll find Millcreek Mall, strip malls, wile nearby Peach Street hosts all manner of stores.

HaveI  piqued your curiosity about our town’s river cruise ship?

One cannot call up a travel site on the internet and arrange to stay onboard The Ms. Conneaut. In this case the procedure is different. 

It is possible to make a reservation with a surgeon; your primary care physician may make one for you; or in an emergency you can arrive on your own or travel by ambulance.

The river cruise ship in my reference is University Hospital Conneaut Medical Center.

We residents of northeast Ohio and northwest Pennsylvania have an absolute gem in our midst.

I cannot bestow enough superlatives to describe my recent experience.

It is impossible to stress enough our good fortune to have our wonderful little hospital.

Jeanne King Maleckar,


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