There is talk in some Christian circles that there is a great awakening coming! It’s true the Bible prophesied a GREAT AWAKENING; it’s just NOT the one a new movement is promoting. 


All sound, fundamental Bible-believing churches should give special guard to their young people as they are the primary target of this movement. 


Does this belong in the opinion page of a local newspaper? ABSOLUTELY, it does! This is going to reach the front page of many newspapers. This movement may be described as “Dominion Theology”. The messaging confuses many things that are different and greatly confuses prophetic doctrine by putting things at variance with one another, which the holy inspired Word NEVER does when properly interpreted. 


The latter letters of the New Testament uniformly describes a departure and apostasy. Thank God there still are revivals in localities around the world, just not a universal one. The [Dominion] message is about a universal revival that will bring in the Kingdom by the church (the body of Christ) ruling the nations. The one BIG problem is that the King of Kings is still physically absent on the earth!


The true great awakening happens in Israel and Judaism (see Ezekiel 37:1-10; Joel 2:28-32; Daniel 12:1-3).


This new evangelical movement will produce a great number of false conversions People will be deceived by treating effects that impact the physical body’s nervous system and the production in the body of powerful chemicals that give a sense of pleasure and well-being, as the activities of the Holy Spirit. This type of conversion is described clearly in 2 Timothy 3:5, Jude v.19, James 3:15 - Note the word SENSUAL. Romans 10:10(a) plainly states, “For with the HEART man believeth unto righteousness…” The Holy Spirit speaks to a man’s heart (soul) and reasons with his mind to bring him to salvation. So, BE ALERT, BE NOT DECEIVED!


Michael Hennigan



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