“As one veteran friend has said, ‘For those who fought for it, freedom is a taste that the protected will never know.’ With deepest emotion today, we still witness our flag and hear our National Anthem and know their sacrifices were not in vain. We are the beneficiaries of their last great measures of devotion to America.” — Rev. Glen Warner, retired pastor of the Second Congregational Church, during the rededication ceremony Thursday for the “Remember Them” monument outside of the Harbor-Topky Library. The monument honors those killed in action — 27 in WWII, three in Korea and two in Vietnam. Thursday was the 70th anniversary of the first presentation of the memorial on May 30, 1949.


“We’ve learned that people who are committing crimes without an immediate consequence are able to continue committing crimes. Now they have a whole list of legal ramifications that have to be dealt with before they can become a productive citizen again.” — Commissioner Kathryn Whittington on the need for a new jail that would be large enough that certain dangerous criminals could be held while awaiting court hearings.


“It’s not banned in the U.S. If we ban it, then 10,000 people will show up wearing the flag on a T-shirt and make a big parade out of it.” — Brian Edelman, Ashtabula County Fair Board president, on why the fair is discouraging vendors from selling the confederate flag but not banning it like the Grape Jamboree.


“I’ve thought about it. I mean I have my opinion on certain things, but it just doesn’t really mean anything because at the end of the day politicians are going to do what they want to do.” — Jasmine Kilpatrick, 18, of Ashtabula, on why she doesn’t vote.


“I’d like to consider a third party somewhere between Democrat and Republican because both parties now just seem like radicalized idiots to me. ... I just want to see something change for the better of America rather than ‘this person is wrong and that person is right.’” — Elijah Vincent, 18, of Mentor, on politics in America. Vincent will join the U.S. Navy after graduation and said he hasn’t voted yet — but only because of his age.


“This project came about by viewing flag displays of surrounding communities and the welcoming atmosphere it provided to local and interstate travelers. Creating the flag display was a lot fun and I think it’s beautiful.” — Pat Shells, a member of the  Garden Trails Garden Club on an American flag memorial installed on the fencing along the Route 20/Route 11 bridge for Memorial Day and Fourth of July holidays.


“It is time to rekindle the passion for patriotism in America.” — Robert Leonard, keynote speaker at the Ashtabula Memorial Day celebration.


“Today we pay tribute to those heroic patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice; who bravely rose up and fought for something greater than themselves.” — Bob Golden, main speaker at the Conneaut Memorial Day ceremony.

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