I'm sure most people in Conneaut have been reading about the upcoming school levy. I have worked for the Conneaut Area School system in several capacities throughout the years. The entire staff depends largely upon the citizens of Conneaut to aid with the expenses for the education of our children and grandchildren.

I am also aware of the many cutbacks that have trickled down, not only in my job area, but in all of the agencies throughout the entire country. I am especially aware of the negative effect this has on the senior citizens, both financially, physically and medically.

I cannot tell anyone how to vote or would I want to, the only thing I would urge you to do is, be sure you have all the facts, attend the public meetings, ask questions and give the students your first priority when making your final decision.

Sandra Tessmer


Star Beacon Print Edition: 10/7/2006

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