Area police forces are doing an excellent job cracking down on the meth labs for one simple reason, they are allowed to do their job unhindered by those who put them there in the first place, the politicians.

Talk about cracking down, illegal immigration on the hand is not under control for another simple reason, the enforcers are not being allowed to do their jobs. They are hindered by the gutless politicians who are all running scared. So yes, it's truly time to vote the bums out of office - - if you want immigration control to work in a good legal sense. I'm talking about learning English, paying income and social security taxes and assimilate the rudiments of the United States, not the country they came from!

Further more, there is no civilization in history that did not control its immigration which did not come to an end. So is the U.S.A. coming to an end as we know it? Yes, because we citizens are not doing our job - - voting! (The sad part is we are only hindered by ourselves.) The president has the authority to use the military at the borders, but won't for one good reason, the future union of Mexico and Canada with our country. (It is very similar to the European union.) Time for all the political "lifers" to come clean and tell the people their real intentions . . . in your dreams!

Tim Copeck


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